The Ultimate 12 Day Elf Kits: 'When I Grow Up' Dreams and 'Elfcation' Adventures

In the realm of holiday joy, there's nothing quite like the magic that elves bring to our homes. This season, step into a world of wonder with the Ultimate 12 Day Elf Kits, where 'When I Grow Up' dreams and 'Elfcation' adventures meet reality. Let's explore the journey that awaits you and your family.

Discover the aspirations of our mischievous friends as they play dress-up in 12 brand new themes. From a vet to a fashion designer, each day brings a new and exciting dream for your elf. The quality accessories and trendy items included in this kit add an extra layer of delight, ensuring that the magic can be reused year after year. Watch as your elf explores professions like construction, gymnast, dentist, and more, bringing a unique touch to your holiday traditions.

For elves, vacation is not just a break – it's an "Elfcation"! Our 12 Day Elf Kit takes your elf on a journey to top destination travel sites and themed places. Imagine your elf exploring the charm of London, the romance of France, the history of Italy, and the mysteries of Egypt. From the geysers of Yellowstone to the iconic landmarks of Washington DC, the adventure continues with stops even in Utah, Legoland, Nashville, NYC, Florida, and even the San Diego Zoo. Each day brings a new destination to spark the imagination of both young and old.

The Holiday Co offers these two 12 Day Elf kits to create a holiday experience like no other. As you unwrap each day, you'll witness the magic of your elf exploring new professions and traveling to incredible places. It's not just a kit; it's a journey of fun, fostering family traditions and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace the magic, and let the Ultimate 12 Day Elf Kits add an extra dash of wonder to your holiday celebrations this year.


Elfcation 12 Day Elf KitWhen I Grow Up 12 Day Elf Kit