Elf Baby Surprise Kit
Elf Baby Surprise Kit

Elf Baby Surprise Kit

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Now Welcoming ELF BABIES! Due this December! ❤️

The Holiday Co proudly presents the newest addition to your family, THE ELF BABY SURPRISE KIT, is sure to bring extra Christmas magic!

The ELF BABY KIT comes with everything you need for your parent elf to announce to your child that a new little bundle of joy is coming to your home!

Elf Baby Surprise Kit Includes:
•A surprise number of babies, one or twins
•A surprise gender, girl or boy
•Gender reveal experience for everyone to celebrate
•Elf Pregnancy announcement

•Elf Baby Ultrasound
•’It’s a Boy’ or ‘It’s a Girl’ elf sign
•Personalized due date calendar when your baby elf is expected to arrive
•Elf size baby bottle, binky, or rattle
•’Hello my name is’ sticker for naming and introducing your elf baby
•Poem with Elf Baby care instructions, teaching kindness + spreading Christmas magic

Starts shipping November 25th