Rainbow Scavenger Hunt PDF

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt PDF

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Interactive rhyming scavenger hunt from your Leprechaun.

“Pop the balloon to find the next clue, something fun for your child to do!”


Cut out clues. Match the color of the clues to the color of balloon. 

The Holiday co made it easy and has where you hide the balloon with clue upside down at the bottom of each card. After checking where to hide the balloon,roll up the clue, place inside and blow up balloon. 

Hide each clue in correct spot for child to find in the morning.

The last clue will lead them to the bathtub where we recommend putting your surprises from the Leprechaun. (ie: gold coins, green St. Patrick's Day attire, festive treats, etc)

 ****Can be used with or without balloons****

Will need 12 in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink balloons.

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